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Phone backup:Contact, Call log, Message, Calendar, Alarm, Google browser bookmark, System Often setting, application program to backup and restore, and show contact, calllog count, etc.If you backup or restore happen any error, please hcr file, LOG(logcat.txt) documents and machine type ( and model) to send us([email protected]), so that we can better analyze problems, so that we can better serve you, thank you for your use and feedback!Support view:Contact, Call log,Message,calendar,google browser, List view and detail view.Support Settings:

1. Open LOG function, if you happen exception, you can send log to us.2. FileBrowser click ".hcr" file operator.3. Click row event(open application, change attribute)

4. Show type(details, Cool)

玩工具App|Phone Backup免費|APP試玩

5. Store file path

6. prefix name

7. Play music control

玩工具App|Phone Backup免費|APP試玩

8. Skin manager

9. Backup type

10. Show calendar, browser and sms details

玩工具App|Phone Backup免費|APP試玩

11.Timing backupimport update version: some mobile phone cannot backup(restore), may be the manufacturer ( third party software development ).

玩工具App|Phone Backup免費|APP試玩

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