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玩工具App|Phone Tracker免費|APP試玩

Phone Tracker is a Funny GPS tracking application that makes your Friends, family feels that you can track the location of Android and Apple cell phones and tablets.

What This App do?

1) Have Fun with your friends and make them believe that you can Track Android cell phones and tablets, iPhones and iPads

玩工具App|Phone Tracker免費|APP試玩

2) Uses Your custom browser to get location or Google maps app by choose the app after pressing Track button.

3) Ability to Track your device and get your realtime location to makes your friends feels that the app is real.

4) The app not start when you turned the device you can open it from the sattelite icon that makes impression that you can track any one when you want.

玩工具App|Phone Tracker免費|APP試玩

5) You must connect to the Internet to Be real on your friends to Track phones via the web and get the maps data.

6) You must turned on the GPS to makes the app works good and track your self in real time.

7) GPS status to know if the gps in on or off and if you press the Gps button it opens the Location settings to turn it on.

玩工具App|Phone Tracker免費|APP試玩

8) Saves your battery life!

9) Great for Family! makes your family or children feel that you can track them and get thier location in real time

10 Tablet compatible

玩工具App|Phone Tracker免費|APP試玩

11) Great for businesses! make your staff believe that you can Track them and your vehicles, shipments, etc.

12) Uses all the possible location methods: GPS, Internet and Wi-Fi.

13) Track your Device by pressing the Track me button and this will get your real location and choose your favorite browser or maps app.

玩工具App|Phone Tracker免費|APP試玩

14) When you locate or track number it gets the number beside the location for more real.

15) Country key is very important to get the country you want to track phone on it.

16) The most reliable and full-featured Funny cell phone tracker on the market!

玩工具App|Phone Tracker免費|APP試玩

17) Works anywhere in the world, and any Android device.

18) No Ads!


玩工具App|Phone Tracker免費|APP試玩

1) You must Be connected to the Internet By data or WiFi.

2) The Gps must be turned on for your location.

3) This App is only for fun and not get the real time location.

玩工具App|Phone Tracker免費|APP試玩

4) No need to install the app on the other device.


Phone Tracker makes anyone with you feels that you can track your children, wife, husband , Friends, fiancée. and can track their location at anytime, as long as they have their Android or iOS devices with them.

All you want to do?

玩工具App|Phone Tracker免費|APP試玩

Simple. Install Phone Tracker on your device and have fun now and the app license is forever.

Used for fun with:

1. Family!

玩工具App|Phone Tracker免費|APP試玩

2. Wife\Husband!

3. Friends

4. Girl\Boy Friend

5. Chidren

6. Business

Have Fun with your friends and Rate or App.

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