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The best app for your kids to learn singing!

## Phonics Baby Songs has more than 30,000 downloads in iPad/iPhone apps ###

If you are parent, you must want to find some good learning videos for your kids. Nowadays, most kids love to watch the phonics videos on YouTube, our app provides an easy and convenient way to play phonics song videos on YouTube using your mobile or tab. It's simple to use it! It’s FREE!

Meticulously selected more than 30 popular phonics song playlists including: Alphabets, Billy Boy, Happy Birthday, It's a Small World, E-I-E-I-O, Good Morning....

玩教育App|Phonics Baby Songs 2免費|APP試玩

Phonics Baby Songs 2 ~ Your kids must love it!


好多小朋友都鍾意上Youtube收睇音樂視頻,Phonics Baby Songs 收集了多過30首小朋友學拼音音樂播放列表。這些能令小朋友喜愛的音樂播放列表,能讓您的小朋友輕鬆地通過電話或平板播放拼音音樂視頻。在精心的選擇下,免除左要小朋友自己去Search有質素的音樂視頻呢個問題,小朋友可以隨時自助地收聽。

Phonics Baby Songs 2 ~ 你的小朋友一定會喜歡!

玩教育App|Phonics Baby Songs 2免費|APP試玩


If you cannot obtain smooth video playback performance on using this app, it should be related to the network connection status. For better video playback performance, please use the WiFi connection to connect the Internet.


This app only provides convenient to access Youtube videos, it does not own any video hosted on Youtube. All videos included in this app are provided by the public third-party media service, YouTube. All trademarks and copyrights are belonging to the respective owners of videos.

玩教育App|Phonics Baby Songs 2免費|APP試玩


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玩教育App|Phonics Baby Songs 2免費|APP試玩

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