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PhotoSkin - The first photo editor offering layers features & rendering technology for Android.

PhotoSkin is a powerful, simple and integral photo editor for Android. It’s the mobile photo editor for the future. Until now, photo editors have been underpowered and useless - PhotoSkin hopes to change this with dozens of great editing options such as VFX and HDR effects, this is the first time that so much creative power has been at your fingertips.

玩攝影App|PhotoSkin - Photo Editor免費|APP試玩

Our breakthrough editor takes only seconds to master - it’s easy to use and intuitive. With just one touch you can add a wealth of great effects to your photographs with little effort required. PhotoSkin makes photo editing a breeze and available to everyone. You can add powerful visual effects such as [ Text Effects , Texture Effects , Distort Effects , HDR Effects , VFX Effects , camera Lens & Light Effects , Smoke Effects ] with just a tap and edit advanced features like hue , saturation , colors levels , grayscale , transparency , brightness and contrast within merely seconds of importing your photograph.

With unique features like bevel , shadow , stroke , blur , gradient , drawing , glow and many great text fonts to use - PhotoSkin is the only photo editor that you will ever need. See what you can create with the ability to change artificial shutter speed , Len focus , twist tool , paint brush , photo reflection , panorama , frame , mask and more. You can be even more creative using some of our fantastic VFX effects such as bulge , spotlight , crystalize , twirl , zigzag , diffuse , mosaic , ripple , wave , sharpen , edge and more. PhotoSkin features over 45 great effects and 35 wonderful filters - it’s truly the most diverse photo editing application available for Android.

玩攝影App|PhotoSkin - Photo Editor免費|APP試玩

Importing photos is fast and simple. Tap ‘Open’ and select the photograph that you would like to edit. From here, you are able to select from over 40 enhancements. Tap ‘Save’ to export the image. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Get editing today - with the free PhotoSkin photo editor.

玩攝影App|PhotoSkin - Photo Editor免費|APP試玩

- Over 40 enhancements to apply to your image.

- Great VFX and HDR effects such as Sunshine , Noise , Emboss and more.

玩攝影App|PhotoSkin - Photo Editor免費|APP試玩

- Make your picture professional in just seconds.

- Easy import and export.

玩攝影App|PhotoSkin - Photo Editor免費|APP試玩

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