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玩攝影App|PicMix-Photo Overlapping免費|APP試玩

This app may help you greatly if you are a collage love and want to design some unique collage for your loved ones on special occasion like birthday,marriage anniversary,festivals etc.


☆ Add multiple pictures in collage .

☆ You can re size, rotate, move the photos inside the grid.

☆ Add beautiful Frames to your Collage.

玩攝影App|PicMix-Photo Overlapping免費|APP試玩

☆ A lots of Photo Effects

☆ Edit your pictures in different different shapes with border.

☆ Beautiful design, both phones and tablets, exclusively for Android.

☆ Put text to your photos.

玩攝影App|PicMix-Photo Overlapping免費|APP試玩

☆ Well-chosen creative fonts.

☆ Easy to change color, size, and font.

☆ 25 amazing magical effects to apply individual photo.

☆ High resolution text.

玩攝影App|PicMix-Photo Overlapping免費|APP試玩

☆ Amazing collection of custom emojis and stickers.

☆ Save high resolution HD photos to your Android phone’s gallery.

☆ Share on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.

PicMix keep those moments, your memories.

玩攝影App|PicMix-Photo Overlapping免費|APP試玩

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