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Imported European Glass for the Wine Industry

Australian-based PIPWIN Glass App is designed to assist wineries, bottlers, or other bulk order buyers of European Glass for the wine Industry in their search to identify styles, capacities, dimensions and seal types.

European Style means eye appeal, that highly attractive element that grabs your attention - think Italian cars, French fashion, Saville Row tailoring, German engineering, or Spanish passion. Style not only draws the eye, but also the sales... an aspect of a bottle of wine just as crucial to the wine industry as to any other.

Pipwin is a leading importer of premium European glass - glass that has the 'look-at-me' quality that makes a wine stand out on the bottle shop self. We source our supplies from the leading European glass manufacturers and so can offer the widest range in high quality bottle for all wine types

Please browse our App and take advantage of our catalogues, so easily available via the contents of this app and website. They're completely up to date and will make the task of the buyer less complicated and stressful.

We are running a number of webinars designed to interact with you directly about the engineering, design, and advantages of buying European and importing through us.

You are also welcome to take advantage of immediacy of contact with the one company that can cover all your glass and ancillary requirements at one reliable source. Explore the page - then call or eMail us with any orders or queries you might have. All details are on the App itself.

PIPWIN GLASS - the first for European glass in Australia. We import Verallia France, VOA France, Verallia Spain, Verallia Germany, and Verallia Italy, Vetrerie Etrusca Italy into Australia in bulk.

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玩商業App|Pipwin Glass免費|APP試玩

玩商業App|Pipwin Glass免費|APP試玩

玩商業App|Pipwin Glass免費|APP試玩

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