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玩音樂App|Pitea Free - The Church Organ免費|APP試玩

Pitea Free is a virtual church organ based on high quality samples from a real church organ (coming from


) with 8 ranks, manual and pedal.

You can download demo recordings and a trial version from


We also offer a version containing the full Pitea organ with 33 stops, 3 manuals + pedal and Midi/USB ("Pitea Ultimate") as well as other music apps. For details, see



If you have questions, remarks or suggestions, mail us under

[email protected]


-- Highlights ----------

玩音樂App|Pitea Free - The Church Organ免費|APP試玩

✓ Low latency audio

Low latency audio is a weak spot of Android (see



Pitea provides lowest possible latency on your device.

✓ High quality samples

Pitea comes with high quality samples for all contained stops.

-- Features --------

✓ Lowest possible latency depending on your device

✓ 8 different organ ranks sampled from a real church organ (coming from Lars Palo /


玩音樂App|Pitea Free - The Church Organ免費|APP試玩


✓ 3 predefined combinations

✓ Various reverb settings (no reverb, small church, medium church, cathedral, ...)

✓ The ranks can be played together like on a real organ; up to 512 pipes simultaneously

✓ 5 octave keyboard range just like the original organ plus pedal

✓ Multitouch only limited by your device

✓ Scrollable on-screen keyboard

✓ Settings for the number of displayed keys, optional vibrate on touch, ...

✓ Runs on android >= 4.0.3, phones and tablets

-- Usage Tips / Hardware requirements --------

✓ Needs ca. 20 MB on your sdcard for the organ samples

✓ Use headphones / external speakers for better sound; phones speakers are not made for organs

玩音樂App|Pitea Free - The Church Organ免費|APP試玩

✓ For the best sound, the device should have at least a 1GHz single core processor

---- Ultimate-Features ------------

Pitea Ultimate provides all the features of the Free version plus:

✓ 33 stops (the full organ) instead of 8

✓ 3 manuals + pedal instead of 1 manual + pedal

✓ Midi via USB

✓ Midi player

✓ No ads

-- Permissions --------

android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE to extract the sound samples onto the sdcard

android.permission.VIBRATE for vibrate on touch support

玩音樂App|Pitea Free - The Church Organ免費|APP試玩

android.permission.MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS for better audio support (OpenSL)

android.permission.INTERNET and android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE to load ads

玩音樂App|Pitea Free - The Church Organ免費|APP試玩

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