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This app is a true "plug and play" app. It will launch a specified app (or the ability to choose from multiple via dialog) when the Power, USB, or Headset cables are connected to the device. A Yes/No dialog can be included so it does not interfere with your current task.

There is also a pro version of this app in the market. Plug In Launcher PRO includes wifi and bluetooth connectivity support, and also "extra actions" of toggling bluetooth, wifi, and ringer mode.

Tired before bed and want the Alarm clock app to launch when you plug it in to charge? Go ahead and plug it in... AND ITS THERE!

Out on a run and want to quickly launch one of your music player apps? just plug in your headphones and have it automatically press play!

Want to launch wifi tethering when you connect to your computer? DONE!

玩工具App|Plug In Launcher免費|APP試玩

Once installed, specify which applications you want to launch when the respected cables are connected.

The Power and Usb capabilities are determined based on the new toggle button preference in their tabs. The Headset capabilities require a small service that is ran in the background. It is not running if the status is off.

Permissions used

RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED -- start up headset service after reboot (if status is on)

玩工具App|Plug In Launcher免費|APP試玩

DISABLE_KEYGUARD -- unlocking screen

WAKE_LOCK --- waking up screen on headset connect


NOTE: If you install on the SD card, The headset capabilities will not work if the SD card is mounted. (please turn status off and on again when moving app between phone and SD)

Graphics provided by Adrian Lunsong.

玩工具App|Plug In Launcher免費|APP試玩

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玩工具App|Plug In Launcher免費|APP試玩

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