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玩生活App|Pocket Roller免費|APP試玩

The Ultimate guide to rolling 'Joint Style' herbal cigarettes!

Carry it with you where ever you go, whatever the situation, where ever you roll!

玩生活App|Pocket Roller免費|APP試玩

Step by step visual and text descriptive instruction on rolling the simplest to the biggest, fattest, fanciest 'Joint Style' herbal cigarettes on the planet!

玩生活App|Pocket Roller免費|APP試玩

For updated version of this app, search for 'J-Roller' from developer 'Netherlabs'

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玩生活App|Pocket Roller免費|APP試玩


玩生活App|Pocket Roller免費|APP試玩


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玩生活App|Pocket Roller免費|APP試玩

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