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Roughly based on ideas from my PocketDrummer for PocketPC from 15 years ago, PocketDrummer is a full-featured drum machine with most of the features of stand-alone, performance oriented, drum synthesizers used by musicians. It has a number of unique features absent in almost all devices of this type. It is a great choice for practice sessions or on stage performing.

Plug your tablet or phone from the earphone jack into an amplifier and use PocketDrummer for performance.

PocketDrummer is landscape only and works best on an Android tablet, but it runs on phones with Android 2.3 or better as well. It has been tested using an Acer Iconia Tab and a Google Nexus One.

Features include:

** Simultaneously load 3 patterns to be used - one main pattern and two "fill" patterns.

** Select pattern to play instantly by tapping the pattern select button, even in the middle of a measure!

** Easily create drum patterns using the PatternEditor with 12, 16, or 24 "ticks" per measure and 3, 4, or 6 beats per measure.

玩音樂App|PocketDrummer Android免費|APP試玩

** Patterns are quickly and easily created, loaded, edited, and saved using the PatternEditor's intuitive graphic layout.

** Patterns are saved in an easy to read and text editable xml format.

** Saved patterns can be deleted or renamed in the PatternFileManager.

玩音樂App|PocketDrummer Android免費|APP試玩

** The first version comes with 9 built-in drum sounds plus accent. Future versions will include multiple selectable drum "sets".

Please use the "Contact/Help" menu on the Main View to contact me before rating or commenting on PocketDrummer on the Android Market so I may address any bugs, concerns, missing features, or anything else. Thanks!

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