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Poker players Find Your Game™ with the FREE PokerAtlas™ app. Complete details on every live poker room, cash game, tournament, and event in North America. Map and list views, GPS driving directions, phone numbers, filter & sort, and much more. Fun & easy to use.

All the live-poker info you need is right here conveniently located in one place:

• Over 600 poker rooms

• 2000 daily cash games

• 4000 weekly poker tournaments

• All the major tournament events

• Over 1.8 million specific poker details

• New info is added all the time and existing info is constantly updated

“If you play real poker, you have to install this app, it’s just that simple.” (see all our 5 star reviews)

Free for a limited time - download it now!


• Uses your GPS Location to automatically display poker information near you

• Change to a new location by typing the name of any city or state or by simply moving or resizing the map with your fingers

• List and map views of poker rooms, cash games, tournaments, and events

• Search for specific rooms, cash games, tournaments, or events by typing names or common acrynoyms

• Set sort and filter options to find preferred rooms, cash games, tournaments, or events


• Easily find and dial poker room phone numbers

• Map views with distance & directions (turn-by-turn directions using iOS 6 or later)

• Share details of any room, cash game, tournament, or event via email, text message, Facebook, or Twitter

• Designate any room, cash game, tournament, or event as a favorite for fast easy future access

• Add any tournament or event to your calendar

• Report button to easily report data issues or comment on any information (typically investigated and updated within 24 hours)

• Instantly see new poker data additions and updates whenever you launch the app.

• In-app news reader with the latest Poker Players Alliance poker news from around the world


• Room overview page displays all poker content for that room in a centralized place (specific room cash games, daily tournaments, and events)

• Basic information (name, address, phone number, number of tables, venue type, legal age, wait-list call in)

• Table Details (smoking allowed, phone allowed, auto shufflers)

• Food & Drink (free drinks, free alcoholic drinks, order food at table, eat food at table, table-side carts)

• Amenities (viewable TV’s, sportsbook nearby, poker lessons, valet parking, parking distance)

• Sort rooms (by distance, room name, or number of tables)

• Filter rooms (by smoking, wait list call-in, or game type offered)



• General details (how often the game typically runs and how many tables, blind size, game type, min & max buy-ins, players per table)

• Rake, Comp, and Straddle information

• Sort cash games (by distance, live status, room name, blind size, min or max buy-in)

• Filter cash games (by game type, limit type, stakes, or live status)


• Tournaments shown in list or map views organized by day

• Late entry information & return percent displayed directly on list views

• Event tournaments also shown on tournament list views with a highlighted blue background

• General details (start time, total cost, days of week running, type, average number of players, average length, late registration details)

• Cost details (total cost, return percent, buy-in, entry fee, staff fee, re-entry, add-ons)

• Payout details (places typically paid, typical 1st place amount, bounty, guarantee)

• Structure details (starting chips, starting blinds, level duration, players per table)

• Sort tournaments (by start time, entry cost, distance, room name, return percent, average number of players)

• Filter tournaments (by game type, entry cost, or return percent)


• Events shown in either list or map view organized by month

• Event details (host room/venue details, list of event tournaments with details)


• Sort events (by distance, start date, room name, event name, or number of tournaments)


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