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玩社交App|Polarbear (Beta)免費|APP試玩

Polarbear lets you post messages to multiple social networks and blogs at once! It's easy to use, fast and beautiful!

Supported services: Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Tumblr, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn, Webhooks and App.net

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*Share menu integration - Easily share links and text from the browser and other apps to Polarbear.

玩社交App|Polarbear (Beta)免費|APP試玩

*Fast startup time and instant writing

*Supports posting in Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, Greek

*Set text direction (left to right / right to left)

*Switch between HD and SD mode

*Supports landscape and portrait mode

*Character counter for Twitter and App.net

*Go beyond 140 characters on Twitter!

玩社交App|Polarbear (Beta)免費|APP試玩

Twitter posts longer than 140 characters will automatically split into multiple tweets

*Go beyond 256 characters on App.net!

App.net posts longer than 256 characters will automatically split into multiple status updates


*Polarbear uses the industry standard OAuth for secure authorization

*No password, username, email or account setup required

*Your messages will only get proceed and are never stored

玩社交App|Polarbear (Beta)免費|APP試玩



[email protected]





玩社交App|Polarbear (Beta)免費|APP試玩

+++ Free during beta phase. Download now! +++

玩社交App|Polarbear (Beta)免費|APP試玩

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