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玩解謎App|Popping Ball免費|APP試玩

Forget any ball popping games you have ever known!

A cute popping ball! - the world's greatest hit

A ball is popping miraculously for easy control!

The best of the smartphone games!

The newest ball popping game! Popping ball is here!


Explore the best puzzle regardless of methods and means!

[Game Features]

▶ ▶ Touch! Touch! Simple operation! ◀ ◀

玩解謎App|Popping Ball免費|APP試玩

You can move the popping ball easily by just touching left/right part of screen.

▶ ▶ 90 different various stages! ◀ ◀

Various stages with optimal balance maintained are ready sequentially.

▶ ▶ Let's gather a lot of stars! ◀ ◀

You can just clear all the stages but you may challenge more difficulties by obtaining stars!

Would you like to test your IQ?

玩解謎App|Popping Ball免費|APP試玩

If so, try our ball popping game right now~!

玩解謎App|Popping Ball免費|APP試玩

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