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Popular Photography+ is the re-imagined and re-designed digital version of Popular Photography magazine. It has ALL the same content as the print magazine, along with special iPad-only features.

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AUGUST 2014 Issue highlights:

• Small World — Learn macro-photography strategies, tools, and techniques that will help you capture and reveal the miniature world that exists just beyond what the human eye can see.

• Wild Wonder — Why do serious wildlife and landscape photographers flock to Scotland in droves? Within its borders dwell some of the best nature photo ops anywhere in the world, and not a cliché among them!

• Taking Stock — Discover how easy it can be to put the pictures to work that are now sitting fecklessly on your hard drive: Upload them to microstock photography sites, and sit back as the cash rolls in.

• Freeze Frame — Check out how one creative photographer gave an entirely new spin on the floral study by, yup, freezing her blossoms in blocks of ice.

• Tips, Tricks, and How-To — Learn why rotundas make such easy architectural subjects, how the right lighting can transform people into something heroic, and how sophisticated video editing is easier than you think.

玩攝影App|Popular Photography+免費|APP試玩

• Camera & Lens Tests — Full lab & field tests of the Sony Alpha 77 II, Samsung NX Mini, Zeiss Touit 50mm f/2.8, and Sigma 18–200mm f/3.5–6.3 DC Macro OS lens.

And much more!


• 1-year (12 issues) subscription for $14.99 - You save 74%!

• 1-month subscription for $1.99

Your subscription will automatically renew unless you cancel 24 hours before the subscription runs out. You can turn off auto-renewal at any time from your iTunes account settings. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during an active subscription period.

For more information, read our privacy policy and terms of use. http://www.bonniercorp.com/privacy_policy.html

玩攝影App|Popular Photography+免費|APP試玩


*Please note that most stories are constructed in two layers, one on top of the other.

-Swipe left or right to BROWSE through the magazine.

-Swipe up or down to READ an article.

-Tap the screen to ACCESS the menu.

-DOUBLE TAP the screen to TOGGLE the top layer on and off.

-A SINGLE TAP will call up the menu and navigation system; tap again to remove it.

-Tap the UPPER-RIGHT CORNER to bookmark an article.

Missing issues after update? Tap the “Missing Issues?” button in the Library and sign in to the iTunes account you used to buy the issues originally. They should reappear in your Library.

玩攝影App|Popular Photography+免費|APP試玩

E-mail us with any questions, problems, or even just feedback at: [email protected]

玩攝影App|Popular Photography+免費|APP試玩

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