Portuguese for World Cup|不限時間玩旅遊App

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玩旅遊App|Portuguese for World Cup免費|APP試玩

This application helps foreign tourists traveling to Brazil during the Soccer World Cup.

Once installed you have access to portuguese phrases (with audio) for useful travel situations. Phrases have been classified into twelve categories: Conversations, Weather, Airport, Bus, Taxi, Hotel, Restaurant, Soccer, Customer, Numbers, Stadiums, Dates and Time.

Here are some phrases which you can find in application:

I don’t speak portuguese. - Eu não falo português.

Where is Maracanã Stadium? - Onde é o estádio Maracanã?

How many degrees is it in Curitiba today? - Quantos graus esta fazendo em curitiba hoje?

I want to buy a plane ticket to ... - Quero comprar uma passagem para ...

Where is the bus stop? - Onde é o ponto de ônibus?

Where can I find a taxi? - Onde posso encontrar um táxi?

玩旅遊App|Portuguese for World Cup免費|APP試玩

I made a reservation for ... - Fiz uma reserva para ...

At what time is the breakfast served? - Que horas o café da manhã é servido?

Do you have a table for two? - Você tem uma mesa para dois?

That was a great goal! - Foi um belo gol!

We’re going to win the WorldCup! - Nós vamos vencer a Copa do Mundo!

Do you have this in a smaller/larger size? - Você tem num tamanho menor/maior?

玩旅遊App|Portuguese for World Cup免費|APP試玩

It’s five minutes past two - São duas e cinco

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