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玩工具App|Power Bubble - 정신 레벨免費|APP試玩

PowerBubble is bubble level you have been looking for. Just look at it! It’s beautiful, functional and easy to use - indispensable tool on every smartphone. It uses accelerometer to help you test (almost) any object for plumb/level.

Application is free.

Please rate us! Your feedback is very important.

PowerBubble features

- slick graphics,

- nice physics,

玩工具App|Power Bubble - 정신 레벨免費|APP試玩

- LCD display that shows numeric angle with or without decimals,

- ease of use (tips are shown on LCD),

- independent calibration for all four sides of the phone,

玩工具App|Power Bubble - 정신 레벨免費|APP試玩

- angle locking with gesture or click,

- full screen mode,

- orientation locking (landscape, portrait on every device and reversed landscape, reversed portrait on 2.3+)

玩工具App|Power Bubble - 정신 레벨免費|APP試玩

- sound effects - 0° angle notification with gentle beep,

- ads that can be disabled in free version (you choose if you want to support us),

- installation on SD.


玩工具App|Power Bubble - 정신 레벨免費|APP試玩

If you like this application please consider donating through PayPal. It will help us make for a living and will be a nice indication that you like our work.


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Boy-Coy’s mission

玩工具App|Power Bubble - 정신 레벨免費|APP試玩

We believe that Android community deserves best. We are committed to creation of highest quality mobile apps man can imagine!

Know limitations

Some phones have very inaccurate accelerometer. If you feel that showing decimals is unnecessary you can limit measurements to integers from application settings.


We put a lot of effort to provide you with best user experience possible. Nevertheless, mistakes happen. Feel free to report any bugs you may notice. We will be glad to hear from you.


玩工具App|Power Bubble - 정신 레벨免費|APP試玩

Application uses internet connection for anonymous usage statistics (it can be turned off).

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玩工具App|Power Bubble - 정신 레벨免費|APP試玩

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