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I realize that there are many flashlight applications in the play store. But none had the one feature I wanted the most. This was being able to switch the led light of the camera on and off from the lock screen using the power button. So Power Torch was created!


* Switch on/off the camera flash from the lock screen using the power button

* Switch on/off the camera flash from the settings

* Shows a notification when the torch is burning

* Turn torch off using the notification

* Contains a widget that can be used to toggle the torch

* Has haptic feedback when toggling the torch, option that can be configured

* Torch goes out after timeout, default after 2 minutes, setting can be disabled

* Background services have been written so they don't use extra battery

* Holo design

* No Ads

How to use:

玩工具App|Power Button Torch免費|APP試玩

* In the lock screen, long press the power button to toggle the flashlight.

* Blacklist this application from the task killer (if you use any)


* There is NO internet permission, so this application can not leak any personal information!

* CAMERA: to toggle the torch

* WAKE_LOCK: to keep the torch burning, even when the screen is off

* DISABLE_KEYGUARD: to help in detecting power button press

* PREVENT_POWER_KEY: to help in detecting power button press

* SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW: to help in detecting power button press

* READ_PHONE_STATE: to not falsly toggle the torch when the user receives a call (no call details are read)

* RECEIVE_SMS: to not falsly toggle the torch when the user receives a sms (no sms details are read)

* VIBRATE: to do a small vibration when the torch is toggled

* RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: to be able to start the service that detects the power press when the device starts

* I would like to emphasize that this application does not have the internet permission, so even though the phone state and sms state is known, this application cannot leak this information

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