Power Mahjong the Tower-Deluxe|不限時間玩解謎App

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玩解謎App|Power Mahjong the Tower-Deluxe免費|APP試玩

From the people who brought you Power Mahjong the Tower now comes an even more exciting version of this Mahjong classic.

Match your way down an endless tower as fast as you can and match golden tiles to score more points.

This Deluxe version brings you many extras like:

* Full screen play

玩解謎App|Power Mahjong the Tower-Deluxe免費|APP試玩

* No ads

* Online and offline play

玩解謎App|Power Mahjong the Tower-Deluxe免費|APP試玩

* 10 extra exciting layouts in various difficulties

* 5 extra tiles for more varied and challenging gameplay

Download now and set your new highscore!

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