Prague Offline Travel Guide|不限時間玩旅遊App

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玩旅遊App|Prague Offline Travel Guide免費|APP試玩

Prague Offline Travel Guide comes with 10 modules and Jam Packed with Attractions,Hotels, Offline Map, completely for OFFLINE usage.


✔ Included all the available Attractions list and their Information along with photo

✔ Info

✔ Address of the Attraction

✔ Geo Location on the Offline map

玩旅遊App|Prague Offline Travel Guide免費|APP試玩

✔ Route on the map

✔ Driving directions along with Instructions


✔ Added Available hotels list and its Information along with photo

✔ Info about the hotel

✔ Address of the Hotel

✔ Phone number

玩旅遊App|Prague Offline Travel Guide免費|APP試玩

✔ Amenities available

✔ Price range of the hotel

✔ Geo Location on the Offline map

✔ Route on the map

✔ Driving directions along with Instructions


✔ No need of Data connection to view the Map. App comes with offline map.

玩旅遊App|Prague Offline Travel Guide免費|APP試玩

✔ All the available Attractions, Hotels are located on the map with interactive guide feature.

✔ Fully zoomable offline map you can pinch, or double tap to zoom the Map

✔ Any time you can check your GPS location on the map and POI’s around you

✔ App also comes with online map when you are in the range of data connection.


✔ Through this functionality you can search banks, ATMs, hospitals, railway stations, gas stations, restaurants, pizza hut centers, drug stores and more along with their phone numbers around your current GPS Location.

✔ Tap any Item on the list Gives the distance from current location, address and location on the Map.

✔ Tap the route button exists on the map gives you the route on the map with turn-by-turn driving directions with out leaving the application. 


✔ User- friendly Gallery creates curiosity about the Park.

✔ Very fast accessing between the images

玩旅遊App|Prague Offline Travel Guide免費|APP試玩

✔ Zoom, Pan, pinch and drag to any Image.

✔ You can also view the thumbnails of the all Images


✔ Weather is the important factor while going on vacation.

✔ You can get 05 days weather forecast so that you can plan accordingly.

✔ Weather info like raining status, temperature min, max in degrees and foreign heat and wind speed details.

✔ Along with the above features app comes with

✔ History of the City

玩旅遊App|Prague Offline Travel Guide免費|APP試玩

✔ City Facts

✔ Getting around the City

✔ Safety precautions check list is added to the App!

For any questions please contact [email protected]

玩旅遊App|Prague Offline Travel Guide免費|APP試玩

Prague Offline Travel Guide 線上APP手遊玩免費

不限時間玩Prague Offline Travel Guide App免費

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