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玩娛樂App|Prank Call免費|APP試玩

You can send fake sms/ text messages to yourself, or can make a fake sms/ text messages from other person.

The most professional and beautiful fake caller id and SMS/text application in Android Market! Get out the trouble, give yourself a fake-call id or sms (text messages) !

Simulate a fake caller id to rescue yourself from an awkward situation, like boring meeting, annoying conversation, meaningless interview...

The fake-call id won't charge you any fee, it is totally FREE.

- Select caller name & number from your contact list or enter it manually.

玩娛樂App|Prank Call免費|APP試玩

- Choose caller picture either from gallery or camera.

- Select calling time for your call.

- Customize ringtone setting for your call or use default one.

- Record In-call voice or select previously recorded voice for your fake call.

- Schedule this call.

玩娛樂App|Prank Call免費|APP試玩

- You can also send fake SMS to yourself.

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