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The PreQualification Station app connects Home Buyers & Realtors with Loan Officers to learn which home loan they can pre-qualify for when searching for a home to purchase. If a home buyer is pre-qualified, they can print an official Pre-Approval letter to use when placing an offer on a house.

The PreQualification Station app allows all 3 parties (home buyer, loan officer, real estate agent) to track the progress of the home loan application process as the Home Buyer meets the milestones and conditions required to get final approval.

The App allows Home Buyer to:

- Use our Mortgage Calculator to determine an exact monthly mortgage payment

- Use the Mortgage Calculator to see if you are qualified for a loan amount

- Use the Mortgage Calculator to see which home loan types you are eligible for

- Print a Pre-Approval Letter to use when making an offer on a Home

- Use the Milestones tool to track your Home Loan progress

- Use the Conditions tab to see what items are still outstanding on your loan

玩財經App|PreQualification Station免費|APP試玩

- Upload simple items by using the Camera conditions upload feature

- Contact your Loan Officer or Realtor quickly and easily

The App allows Realtors (for buyers & Sellers) to:

- Review your home buyer's financials

- Use the Calculator to determine how much of a home they can afford before scheduling a showing

- Use the Mortgage Calculator to see which home loan types they qualify for

- Print Pre-Approvals without waiting for your loan officer to send them

- Use the Milestones tool to track their Home Loan Application progress

玩財經App|PreQualification Station免費|APP試玩

- Use the Conditions tool to track your client's progress

- Contact the Loan Officer

玩財經App|PreQualification Station免費|APP試玩

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