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玩角色扮演App|Pregnant Mermaid Mommy免費|APP試玩

Pregnant Mermaid Mommy is a fun-filled pregnant mommy and baby birth care game.

Mermaid mommy is going to be giving a birth to her baby, she needs to stay at home. she feels alone .Can you speak and take care of the mermaid mommy until the little baby coming to the world? We need to send mommy to the hospital to check her health before welcoming her baby. Taking good care of the lovely baby after she coming to the world, satisfying the baby’s demands, playing games with baby. According to the game’s prompts finishing the tasks , including dressing, food making, checking to the hospital, taking care of baby and so on. come and challenge it!

Game features:

1. Discover the pregnant mommy’s antepartum experience and take care of the baby. like feeding, cleaning and so on.

2. wash the baby’s dirt body and measure weight .

3. A design facing the kids from five to fifteen ages. It owns a simple and interesting operation and multiple choices.

4. Three different topic sceneries.

玩角色扮演App|Pregnant Mermaid Mommy免費|APP試玩

5. Inspect baby’s heartbeat, mommy’s temperature, and ultrasonic inspection and measurement.

6. A game to be a doctor, having a physical examination to mommy and baby, giving them special cure.

7. A unique pregnant mermaid mommy and newborn care game.

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玩角色扮演App|Pregnant Mermaid Mommy免費|APP試玩


If you have any doubt or you need some tech support, please tell us . We will be there for you 24 hours everyday day. Email:[email protected]

玩角色扮演App|Pregnant Mermaid Mommy免費|APP試玩

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