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玩個人化App|Pretty Bag LiveWallpaper免費|APP試玩

Now discount!!!

・Cute live wallpaper in pink!

・Design such as the bag though!

・You have an entire Glittered always!

玩個人化App|Pretty Bag LiveWallpaper免費|APP試玩

・The cute ribbon of central shakes when you tap!

・Today's date is displayed in the center.

・Chain is convenient to fit on the screen at all times when you slide!

・I there is also a feeling of depth!

玩個人化App|Pretty Bag LiveWallpaper免費|APP試玩

Horizontal screen support! Has tablet support!


To popular live wallpaper series asobiapp developers

Best Bets full!

玩個人化App|Pretty Bag LiveWallpaper免費|APP試玩

It can be various KiraKira, cool system cool, simple system pay, free trial sense!

Adult male from female children from feelings to color to design ways.

I some various things of spring, summer, fall and winter season, heart, Christmas, as well as Halloween!


玩個人化App|Pretty Bag LiveWallpaper免費|APP試玩


玩個人化App|Pretty Bag LiveWallpaper免費|APP試玩

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