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"Prison Rabbit" is a nice puzzle game over 1000000 download

4.9 out of 5 amazing. - ★★★★★

by Voltage

Good game. Mabye if you keep the Updates comming i bet You guys could get this to the top25. Suggestions: make the intro more like a movie make the screen darken for a end of a slide and brighten up for the next. And mabye you could make the game a bit larger, i have a hard time seeing the game like mist games nowdays.

好玩^_^ - ★★★★★



Game background is a story of aliens came to the village, stole all of the Carrot, several villagers speculate Final conclusion: certainly the rabbits stole! So the police arrest three hapless rabbit Immediately.

You ,the rabbit boss came to the prison, open your mind and wisdom to rescue your brother .

Methods of operation:

Drag or click on the screen with your finger can eliminate the obstacles .

Double-click to zoom in / out the screen. you can eliminate the small obstacles .

Two fingers on the screen while moving, you can see around.


Full touch screen games, easy to operate

Innovative puzzle game

玩解謎App|Prison Rabbit免費|APP試玩

The game is simple, addictive game

Funny funny game style

Cheerful background music, funny cartoon game

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玩解謎App|Prison Rabbit免費|APP試玩

玩解謎App|Prison Rabbit免費|APP試玩

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