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"Private communications?

My space my time?

Smart World privacy, What do I do?"

Keywords: security, communication, privacy, call records, automated messaging, situation management, logs, alert forwarding, reception security, private call recognition,

Communication Manager, Privacy Protection


A. Smart world 'privacy violation,' how would I react?


1. Incessant phone ring tones and message arrival alarms!

2. Telephone number-trade secrets, floating on the phone on the table!

3. Everyone knows unlock pattern or password of my phone!

4. Immense real-time information(SMS)! Who is sending?

5. Ubiquitous! Communications cannot be avoided.

6. She/He has nothing to do with me, I mean ...


B. Models and features available?


Maker / Model: Features


1. Motorola XT720 Motoroi

玩通訊App|Private Communication免費|APP試玩

- situation management, recognition security, call log deletion, message log (SMS) deletion

2. HTC A8181 Desire

- situation management, recognition security, call log deletion, message log (SMS) deletion

3. Samsung SHW-M110S Galaxy S/S2

- situation management, recognition security, call log deletion

4. LG Optimus 2x

- situation management, recognition security, call log deletion

5. SKY IM-A730 [Vega S]

- situation management, call log deletion

6. Other devices complying with standards(Android).




1. Check whether this is necessary to you.

2. This is charged.

3. This is still improving.

4. Applicable handset models are of limited availability.

5. Some functions are not supported(except Android-standard).

6. Only Korean Language Version is available at present.


Latest version: 1.0.4 (for Android version 2.1 and higher)

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