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Proactive Tasks helps you to stand out in Crowd. By initiating Tasks with future in mind.......!

Bring management into your address book, be in touch with people who are important for your career and family life.

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Select important contacts from your phone book based on importance of each contact select frequency of calling.

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Proactive tasks will remind you with all details of contact, once you finish a conversation enter important point of the conversation, it will be reminded in next calling schedule along with caller details, you can start your next conversation with that point.

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when you are busy you will get calls, you miss them, but missed call alert notifies those calls, snooze them to 1 hour, evening 6 or weekend.

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Instead of sending Greetings Christmas and New year, make a special place for your self in your contacts by sending Greetings whch are more related to them.

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Greetings Zone, notifies all important days with ready made messages will be notified on that particular day, send greetings to related people. (on doctors day send greetings to your doctor friends)

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Reminder, Enter all your reminders, will be notified and reminders from admin based on your profile will be notified.

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Notifies long weekends well in advance, forthcoming important days for optimum utilization.

Messages to enhance your management of Time, Career, Money, Family, Health and Public relations will be notified from time to time.

Spend 5 minutes in day we assure of great results.

Tips on various subjects for ready reference.

Letters, to improve your communication skills.

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