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玩解謎App|PuzzleSpin - Winter Creatures免費|APP試玩

Explore the crystalline empire of the Winterland Creatures by spinning the circles to line up the image. Sounds simple enough but there are some tricks and surprises in store for even the most skilled puzzle solver!

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Come try your hand at PuzzleSpin Winterland Creatures!

Four different modes of play:

QUICK PLAY - randomly generate a puzzle to play, unlimited puzzles!

CASUAL MODE - no time limits, sit back, relax and enjoy!

玩解謎App|PuzzleSpin - Winter Creatures免費|APP試玩

PUZZLER MODE - 20 puzzling levels with many tricks to enjoy but no time limits

CHALLENGE MODE - 20 levels of crazy puzzle fun:

- spinning circles - all the circles are spinning! tap them to stop them in the correct position

- timed mode - complete the puzzle within the specified time

- move counting mode - every time you turn a piece you lose a move, complete the puzzle in as few moves as possible

玩解謎App|PuzzleSpin - Winter Creatures免費|APP試玩

- hidden circles - half of the puzzle circles are hidden! match the pieces with the outside circles

玩解謎App|PuzzleSpin - Winter Creatures免費|APP試玩

PuzzleSpin - Winter Creatures 線上APP手遊玩免費

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