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玩社交App|Queers-gay and les marriage免費|APP試玩

Queers is the largest, serious and global marriage dating platform for gay and lesbians. We review profiles of each member and help members find their match quickly,no spam profile.

Everyday, Millions of lesbians and gay have found their matches here.

玩社交App|Queers-gay and les marriage免費|APP試玩

Join us now! You will find what you want and will enjoy it.

Lavender Marriage is different with normal marriage, we may can defined it as a way to compromise the society.

We DO NOT encourage everyone to go this way,but we can continue fighting with a different way.

玩社交App|Queers-gay and les marriage免費|APP試玩

So,we stand as a SERIOUS,MASSIVE,PRIVACY and CONVENIENT place for every gay and lesbian.


As a serious platform,we review every member's profile,so you don't need to worry about the member's reliability.


玩社交App|Queers-gay and les marriage免費|APP試玩

There are millions of gay and lesbians on Queers platform. At the same time, we will use intelligent matching technology basing on huge data to find the most suitable one for you quickly.


Personal privacy is stored with the highest level of confidentiality. And, after you find the right person here, you can close the account. We ensure that your personal data and sensitive information will not leak.


玩社交App|Queers-gay and les marriage免費|APP試玩

Powerful and smooth chatting features make you communicate more easily. Location base targeting let you find the one more quickly.


-Be respect to each other

玩社交App|Queers-gay and les marriage免費|APP試玩

-DO NOT upload any nude or illegal pictures, ALL images must be appropriate for ALL audiences.

-You MUST be 18 years old or older to register Queers

玩社交App|Queers-gay and les marriage免費|APP試玩

-Violation of our terms of service may result in deletion of your content,even your account!

-Full terms: http://m.queers.cn/terms.html


玩社交App|Queers-gay and les marriage免費|APP試玩

E-mail: [email protected]

Official site: http://queers.cn

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