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R2 enables residential and commercial customers to control AV, lighting, thermostats, security systems, and thousands of other products via their Android device from anywhere in the world.


R2 communicates to Series 2 or Series 3 Crestron control processors. A touchpanel project needs to be created by an authorized Crestron programmer in order for R2 to function. End customers (e.g., homeowners) should contact their Crestron integrator if they have any specific questions regarding their system.


玩生產應用App|R2 Control for Crestron免費|APP試玩

Key Features


- Communicates with 2-Series and 3-Series control system via WiFi and cellular network

- Control multiple systems or homes from one Android™ device

玩生產應用App|R2 Control for Crestron免費|APP試玩

- Uses familiar Crestron development tools such as VTPro and SystemBuilder to create projects for R2

- Compatible with Mobile Pro/Mobile Pro G™ apps: runs projects created for iOS devices without the need to recompile.

- Works natively with projects built for a Crestron touch screen or iOS device using Crestron Mobile Pro® or Mobile Pro G

- Perfect for customers or families who use both iOS and Android devices

玩生產應用App|R2 Control for Crestron免費|APP試玩

- Unique features features for home control only found in R2:

---->Quick access: Ability to disable screen unlock requirement; Device's built-in proximity sensor can automatically wake device

---->Automatic project UI scaling: resizes Mobile Pro and Mobile Pro G projects to the native resolution of any Android device

---->Visual, haptic and audible feedback: provides clear confirmation of key presses

玩生產應用App|R2 Control for Crestron免費|APP試玩

- Optimized performance for Android: takes advantage of Android multitasking and flexibility to deliver an experience optimized for home and building control

- Support for multiple and custom resolutions: In addition to R2's built-in UI display scalar, an upcoming VT Pro-e® add-on (coming soon) from Crestron enables developers to optionally create pixel-perfect projects for any screen size



玩生產應用App|R2 Control for Crestron免費|APP試玩

R2 was developed by id8 Group Productions, a product development and technology lab. Co-founder and inventor of Emmy award-winning Slingbox, Blake Krikorian founded id8 Group Holdings (parent company of id8 Group Productions) in 1999. R2 is the first product developed by id8 Group since the Slingbox was spun out in 2004 to form Sling Media, Inc. Sling Media was subsequently acquired by Echostar in 2007.

Feeback Encouraged!


We hope you enjoy R2. We have lots of new features and functionality coming in subsequent releases. We encourage you to provide us any feedback or input you may have. Please post a review here or send us an email directly to:

玩生產應用App|R2 Control for Crestron免費|APP試玩

[email protected]

玩生產應用App|R2 Control for Crestron免費|APP試玩

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