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RSS Runner is the fastest and simplest feed reader for iPod Touch and iPhone !

- Multitasking fast-app switching: you can leave the application and back later, picking up right where you left off (no need to wait for the application to reload)

- Multitasking background execution and local notifications: you can start downloading all feeds and then leave the application, it will alarm you as soon as download is completed

- High-definition images: application images have been designed to improve your experience on iPhone 4 Retina display screen

Intuitive and highly useable interface :

- View feed item Web pages without opening Safari

玩個人化App|RSS Runner免費|APP試玩

- No ads if you do not want

- No need to create any account: install and enjoy !

Complete feed management :

- 9 supported feed formats !

- Add feeds directly or using the embedded Web search engine

- Add feeds by importing an OPML file exported from your favorite reader, or by importing feeds from your Google Reader account

- Edit, delete or mark feeds as read

玩個人化App|RSS Runner免費|APP試玩

- Sort your feeds by title, unread count or custom position

- Search feed items by keyword

- Mark your favorite feed items to keep them

Advanced offline feed management :

- On-device storage of your feeds: read them everywhere, even offline !

- Easily track progress of your feed updates and continue to read items

玩個人化App|RSS Runner免費|APP試玩

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玩個人化App|RSS Runner免費|APP試玩

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