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玩賽車遊戲App|Racing : Turbo Fast Car免費|APP試玩

Need for speed? Try out this fantastic Racing: Turbo Fast Car game as you will be thrilled with the fast accelerating black mustang, the legend in car race. Although it is easy to control but be careful on the high traffic going the opposite way! You will be punished if your concentration goes off. Focus is the key to win this battle. Stay alert guys!

Racing: Turbo Fast Car combines stunning, high fidelity graphics with addictive game play that will have you swerving through oncoming traffic, with astonishing physics, eye-popping tracks, and awesome cars; it will creates a new type of games playing habits for Android users.

Buckle up and hit the gas; you’re in for the ride of the best ever racing and driving game for awesome simple minded player who loves turbo charged cars and its simplicity. Feel the intensity of no brakes at all… all you have to do is hit the gas and win the gold coins. Race towards oncoming traffics and try to avoid them. The traffics are randomly approaching their destination in a super-fast acceleration. Your duty apart from collecting points, is trying to avoid the collision with any of the high speed cars, trucks or buses. Once collision happened, your life ends there. The green UP and DOWN button will certainly help in your mission to win the most points. Hope you can beat up your buddy my friends!

For one that loves the feeling of driving a turbo car, this game surely would be a perfect choice. Try and install it, you won’t regret. It is worth of your time playing such an exciting racing game in your free time. Try it!

How to Play:

- Race the way you want

- Go speed as far as you can without crashing.

- Use the Up and Down button to dramatically maneuver picking up coins or avoiding speeding cars, trucks or even buses.

- Drive fast, drive far.

- Earn gold coins as you move up further to more thrilling high speed driving.

玩賽車遊戲App|Racing : Turbo Fast Car免費|APP試玩

- Who wins the most coins will be the winner.

Top Features

- Easy driving

- Turbo car

- Realistic physics

- Simple controller

- Magnificent racing cars

玩賽車遊戲App|Racing : Turbo Fast Car免費|APP試玩

- Visually stunning and built for speed

玩賽車遊戲App|Racing : Turbo Fast Car免費|APP試玩

Racing : Turbo Fast Car 線上APP手遊玩免費

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