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玩音樂App|Radio Burgas免費|APP試玩

Radio Burgas is the latest regional station of the Bulgarian national radio.

Listen to the best music as well as news from Burgas and region

Use our app and listen radio Burgas online on your phone!

If you are in the Burgas region in Bulgaria, you can also find us on these frequencies

92.5MHz - for Burgas,

91.7MHz - for South Coast

98.9MHz – in Malko Tarnovo

玩音樂App|Radio Burgas免費|APP試玩

106 MHz VOR for Elhovo

Radio Burgas has a 12-hour programme from 7am to 7pm, including news, useful and updated information and current affairs. The radio’s building, located on Philip Kutev 2, near the port, is a cultural monument. It is entirely restored and equipped with the latest technology of BNR. The equipment is built on digital technology: digital mixing consoles, workstations, integrated in the computer system for automation of production "Dalet+", high quality monitor controllers and condenser microphones.

2 Philip Kutev Street

Burgas 8000


Phone: +359-56-825995


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