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Radio NFM is an independent, non – profit making and development oriented community radio station. Radio NFM was established for the purpose of facilitating community development through informative, educative and entertaining radio programmes.

The members of NFM have been gaining invaluable experience in starting and managing a community radio station by running it on a temporary license for period of 6 years. The preparation and research phases date backs to 1996 since the concept of community radio was introduced to the people of Namaqualand by the then Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA). Due to a lack of capacity and information, the operations were reduced to temporary licensing of which five such licenses were subsequently taken out with ICASA.

However, their conviction for having a compelling case propelled the board and its team to persist and putting identified systems in place according to ICASA’s criteria and the Broadcasting Act. This increased the station’s chances with ICASA to re-consider NFM’s application for a five-year license, which has been granted during November 2009. During this six month waiting period the station retained network relations with the community, surrounding municipalities, donor organizations and suppliers such as Sentech (the transmission supplier) and ICASA itself.

Some of the behind-the-scenes work includes a collaborate with Eden Community Radio in George, Radio Riverside in Upington, Radio Kaboesna in Calvinia, Bush Radio in Cape Town, Primedia, Kagiso Television and Communication, and various other stakeholders. A wealth of information is gathered from working with these partners which leverages trends on production works, partnerships with the community and business sectors.


玩媒體與影片App|Radio NFM免費|APP試玩

To inform, to educate, to empower and to entertain the people of Namaqualand.


玩媒體與影片App|Radio NFM免費|APP試玩

To promote the development of the Namakwa people through the electronic media.

To have a board, mandated to ensure that our people are informed, empowered an educated to improve their life standards as citizens of Namaqualand.

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