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"Rain, Rain, Go Away" is a very popular rhyme/song that children say/sing on rainy days. The "Learn It" version is gentle and slow...perfect for teaching the song to young learners for the first time. The first verse is spoken, allowing children and parents to clearly hear the words. The second verse is sung slowly and gently. And the third verse has no vocals, allowing children to sing on their own. This is a great song to sing when children want to go outside, but the weather is stopping them.

♫ (Spoken)

Rain, rain, [Move your fingers down like falling rain.]

go away. [Push your hands out, as if you were pushing the rain away.]

Come again another day. [Make a "come here" motion with your hands.]

玩娛樂App|Rain, Rain Go Away免費|APP試玩

Little Johnny wants to play. [Pretend to put on a baseball cap like a boy would wear, then move your arms like you are running.]

Rain, rain, go away. [Move your fingers down and then push away the rain.]


Rain, rain,

go away.

Come again another day.

Little Johnny wants to play.

Rain, rain, go away. ♫

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