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玩生活App|Rainbow Loom - Easy Start免費|APP試玩

Get the best start possible with easy to follow videos providing super simple step by step instructions. Before you get serious with complicated patterns, make sure you're comfortable using your Rainbow Loom.

The App will provide a super fast start to your Rainbow Loom journey. After completion you will be all set to continue to the most advanced designs or simply produce your own new designs to stun your friends and family.

This app provides a fun and easy way to learn all the best tips and tricks. It’s artistic, creative, stimulating, thoughtful, time-consuming (in a good way), educational and, most of all, fun. Simply follow along with these video tutorials, all step by step!

玩生活App|Rainbow Loom - Easy Start免費|APP試玩

Video tutorials include the following:

Starter Tips

Equipment Know How

玩生活App|Rainbow Loom - Easy Start免費|APP試玩

Best Tips & Tricks

Starter Videos

Easy Bracelets (step by Step)

玩生活App|Rainbow Loom - Easy Start免費|APP試玩

- Single

- Squared Single

- Fishtail

玩生活App|Rainbow Loom - Easy Start免費|APP試玩

- Double

- Railroad

- Triple Single

玩生活App|Rainbow Loom - Easy Start免費|APP試玩

- Diamond

- Honeycomb

- Triangle

玩生活App|Rainbow Loom - Easy Start免費|APP試玩

- Single Rhombus

Easy Designs (150+ videos)

Harder Designs (250+ Videos)

玩生活App|Rainbow Loom - Easy Start免費|APP試玩

Advanced Designs (250+ Videos)

Official Channel


玩生活App|Rainbow Loom - Easy Start免費|APP試玩



100's of designs for: Bracelets, Charms, Rings, Necklaces, Flowers, Figures, Characters, Pencil Grips, Alphabet, Great New Designs ....plus many more unique items. New video tutorials are regularly added - without any need to update the app.

玩生活App|Rainbow Loom - Easy Start免費|APP試玩

Plus keep up to date with the Official Channel to Rainbow Loom.

Also watch feeds from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all integrated within the app.

Be fearless and have fun! After all…they’re only rubber bands!

玩生活App|Rainbow Loom - Easy Start免費|APP試玩

Legal Disclaimer :

All trademarks and copyrights are owned by their respective owners. This application is unofficial and is not endorsed by, or affiliated with Rainbow Loom, or any other official source or their affiliated entities. Rainbow Loom® is a registered trademark of Choon's Design, LLC. All content feeds in this app are loaded in a curated format.

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