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玩生活App|Ramadan 2014免費|APP試玩

Ramadan 2014 is an application dedicated to Muslim people. Everywhere and any time, this ramadan's calendar for Android is the best way to know sahur and iftar's times. Clean, simple and reliable.

玩生活App|Ramadan 2014免費|APP試玩

This islamic app offering a multitude of services and allows users to:

玩生活App|Ramadan 2014免費|APP試玩

Consult the current date of the month and the 5 islamic prayer times. Ramadan 2014 is a very useful during your Journey/ Travelling. Alarm options can be set to start selected minutes before Iftar/Sehar.

玩生活App|Ramadan 2014免費|APP試玩

Remember supplications and salutations (Hadith and Dua) that are highly recommended to be recited during the Month of Ramadan.

Ramadan 2014 team understands the importance of islamic prayers during the Holy month of Ramadan. We bring you a useful application that will keep you updated on the correct prayer timings throughout the month.

Download and recommend this timetable for the year 2014 to your friends and family so that they too have everything they need during the Holy month at their fingertips.

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