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This is a pretty simple, yet very addicting game. Touch the Red Spots on the screen to drive them away and score points; if you let one alone for too long, it will explode making you lose the game.

In addition to the Red Spots, there are Blue and Gold ones. Do not touch the Blue Spots, as they reduce your score by 80 points each. Instead, let them disappear by themselves after 5 seconds. Touching the Gold Spot on the other hand, clears all Red Spots currently on the screen, and gives you 25 points for each of them instead of the usual 10. Pretty awesome huh?

Be wary, Spots will appear more frequently and explode faster as time goes on.

Sooo what are you waiting for, start playing, have fun, and maybe eventually compete with your friends on the leaderboard, see who has the faster reactions and fingers!

Game Music by Benjamin Mastripolito (Lemoncreme)

玩街機App|Rampant Spots免費|APP試玩

玩街機App|Rampant Spots免費|APP試玩

玩街機App|Rampant Spots免費|APP試玩

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