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Randomly generate things like numbers, letters, colors, and more all very easily with the Random Generator. Download the best random generator on the market and never be stuck with a hard decision again!

Coin Flip:

Can't decide whether to have eggs or toast this morning for breakfast? Want to make a decision the old-fashioned way? The Random Generator has you covered with the "Coin Flip" feature.


Don't know what color to paint your room? Want to add food coloring to your cookies but can't decide which to use? With the Random Generator, generate primary colors, secondary colors, and more!!

Dice Roll:

玩工具App|Random Generator免費|APP試玩

Making your own game? Can't find any dice laying around your house? Well, with Random Generator's "Dice Roll" feature you no longer need to worry about physical dice and you can just use your phone/tablet instead!


Randomly generate letters from a user-defined range for any purpose that you can possibly think of!!


Are you making a game or writing a book and need names for your characters? Are you expecting a new child and just cannot settle on a name? With Random Generator, generate a random name from a large list of names. You can also pick to generate male names or female names.


Not sure how much to tip? Playing a game that involves numbers? Think of any other use for generating a random number? There are lots, trust me! The Random Generator makes this process quick and easy with specified ranges.

NOTE: You can also upgrade to the pro version very easily within the app for even more features!

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