RandomTones Classic Mozart|不限時間玩個人化App

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玩個人化App|RandomTones Classic Mozart免費|APP試玩

RandomTones Classic Mozart includes midi tones from this brilliant composer.

We wanted to share this wonderful music with you.


- Sounds a different ringtone (randomly) each time you receive a call

- Tones can be individually enabled/disabled

玩個人化App|RandomTones Classic Mozart免費|APP試玩

- The app can be enabled/disabled

- Listen to the ringtone

Contact us to add your favorite composer to this collection.

* Legal / Credits: *

This app dos not include the original sound but a midi version.

The music distributed by this app is available at http://www.ibiblio.org/mutopia and it is in the public domain or can be freely distributed under Creative Commons licenses.

Creative Commons licenses can be found at http://www.ibiblio.org/mutopia/legal.html.

* Advertising *

We may include a monetization platform to keep this app free.

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