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The FIRST devoted AutoCAD(tm) DXF file viewer.


You will be able to open files 100kb or smaller in this version. Please purchase the full version to remove this restriction.

Created with tablets in mind, this DXF viewer is the perfect addition to your CAD arsenal. It has been optimized for use on Honeycomb (3.0) tablets and is fully supported on Android(tm) devices running 2.2 and higher.

This application allows you to manage layers within a drawing, take measurements on existing drawings automatically snapping to end points, or just simply open a DXF file while you are on the road or in the field.

玩商業App|RapidCAD Viewer Demo免費|APP試玩


AutoCAD DXF Viewer (Compatible with AndCAD(tm) DXF)

Automatic Widescreen (WS) or Portrait mode

Optimized for tablet or smartphone

Measurement Function

玩商業App|RapidCAD Viewer Demo免費|APP試玩

Block support

Layer Management (toggle visibility)

Customizable Color Schemes


SD Card Browser

玩商業App|RapidCAD Viewer Demo免費|APP試玩

No Online Account Required

Coming Soon:

Ellipse/Elliptical Arc support

Dimension support

Enhanced snapping options

玩商業App|RapidCAD Viewer Demo免費|APP試玩

This is the first application of a suite of CAD related tools that we are creating for the Android market. Future products will include a Markup utility as well as a full 2D CAD application.

Certainly there will be many questions with regards to DWG support in our application(s). RapidCAD currently only supports the DXF format that is readily available to you from most CAD applications. Support for DWG and possibly other vector formats is being considered for a future release, dependent on user demand.

Please feel free to visit our website or contact us via email for questions or comments.


[email protected]

玩商業App|RapidCAD Viewer Demo免費|APP試玩

Permission Information:

Internet - This permission is required for our error reporting functions. The application will not connect to the internet nor send any information without your permission. In the event of an error, the user must initiate the transfer of any data which is completely optional.

External Storage - This permission is required to allow you to access your SD card to open drawings from.

玩商業App|RapidCAD Viewer Demo免費|APP試玩

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