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玩書籍App|Readit - eBook Library免費|APP試玩

India's No. FREE online eBook reading application for free books, short stories, jokes, and poems reading. Read now or on the way to your journey. Fast. Free. Easy.

Why to Read it?

* Read Books of Multiple Languages like English, Marathi [More Coming Soon]

* Read Articles on different topics in multi languages.

玩書籍App|Readit - eBook Library免費|APP試玩

* Read Short Stories and quality collection in available languages.

* Read Famous novels for no cost.

* Get notified for all new books and stories.

* Store books for offline reading.

玩書籍App|Readit - eBook Library免費|APP試玩

* Read books once stored on offline mode. No Wi*Fi / 2G / 3G or even No mobile network.

* Fastest Loading books from nearest servers.

* Access saved books anytime without any data usage.

* View books without any data usage once its loaded.

玩書籍App|Readit - eBook Library免費|APP試玩

* Children friendly contents. Your kids can read and your won't have to worry about what are they reading!

* Enter upcoming contests for winning prizes [Coming Soon]

玩書籍App|Readit - eBook Library免費|APP試玩

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