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玩街機App|Rebuke: Star Conquest免費|APP試玩

Hey all. This is just a tech demo for an upcoming space shooter game. As of now, game play is simple. Shoot enemy spaceships for highscore! Details for future version are listed at the bottom.

Here is how you play:

Click on a planet to go that screen.

玩街機App|Rebuke: Star Conquest免費|APP試玩

Click on a level (no difference in levels yet) to go to that level.

Fly around space with the D-pad on the left.

Fire 3 different types of weapons using the 3 buttons on the right.

Touch an enemy spaceship to target it.

When it is targeted, missiles will track if in sight and in range.

Also, if the enemy spaceship is in range, the laser will autotarget.

The railgun always shoots in a straight line but goes through enemies.


The finished product will include many different things, but alas, I am only one person and can only do so much so fast. This version took about 4 days to program and create the assets. Now that the game has a proper engine, Now I can start adding what I have planned.

Since this is simply a tech demo, I would very much appreciate any feedback on how it runs, if it runs, etc. Comments and criticisms are ALWAYS welcome! Thanks, enjoy!

Future versions will include (in no particular order):

*Fly to different areas in space by utilizing a galaxy map.

*Trading stations to trade sell/buy supplies, food items, new weapons, etc. in a dynamic trading universe.

*Will also be able to accept and complete missions.

*Choose your role: Rebel, Pirate, Trader, or a combination of the three.

*More playable ships to upgrade to ranging from small to large with a variety of each.

*Customize ships with different shields, projectile weapons, missiles, targeting systems, energy cells, engines, etc.

*A large variety of enemies.

*A story!

玩街機App|Rebuke: Star Conquest免費|APP試玩

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