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This app implements a Recycle Bin (also know as Trash) for Android and works with most third party file explorers and gallery/

In order to send files to the Recycle Bin, select the file you wish to delete in your preferred file explorer or gallery and , then

玩工具App|Recycle Bin免費|APP試玩

select "Recycle Bin" in the "Open With", "Share it" or "Send To" menus. When you send a file to the Recycle Bin (via "Send To", "Share it" or "Open With"), it is automatically moved to the recycle bin app folder. If you need to permanently remove the file, you need to enter the Recycle Bin app and select "Permanently Delete The File".

玩工具App|Recycle Bin免費|APP試玩

If you need to restore the file, enter the Recycle Bin, then select restore. It is so easy!

玩工具App|Recycle Bin免費|APP試玩

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