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Relodeck is Information Navigation in Relocation with soft hand controlled App for Android.

PLEASE NOTE: Relodeck provides free content about destinations for people who consider moving or who are moving, however specific content will only be available to users who have been granted access to excess levels of information. You will be able to purchase excess access.

Experts on Relodeck

“This tool brings a lot of safety to the user, as they will have the information at hand at any time in any situation, when tipping, when dating, when paying a bill, even if they bump into another car they will know what to do”


User on Relodeck

“No irrelevant information to occupy brain cells, that overloaded as it is in the transition period.”

Relocating to a new destination?



We believe the fastest way to get somewhere is to follow a guide. A guide who is a on the ground expert with real practical experience and who has done the 10.000 hours.

These are the experts that are contributing to this App. The content of this App is written by people who are daily helping newcomers arrive.

When moving to a new destination you have to digest a lot of information in a real short time in order to be able to make the BEST decision for your move. The challenge is how to prioritise what to know and do when.

By using this app you will have access to important information when you need it.

What you get


Information of process to merge with your personal situation

Information of options and possibilities in new destination


Valid information from a reliable source

This App provides

Planning tool


Information relevant for you

Connect your to carefully selected experts for

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