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Earn points. Redeem deals. Get rewarded!

Tenant at Rialto (525 Collins St, Melbourne, Australia)? If so, the @Rialto Rewards App gives you access to special deals, discounts and offers at your favourite restaurants/bars, cafés and shops in the Rialto Precinct.

Earn points

玩購物App|@Rialto Rewards免費|APP試玩

Using the built-in QR scanner, you can scan QR codes as you check-out at participating suppliers to earn Loyalty Points. The more points you accrue, the better deals and discounts you unlock!

Redeem deals

玩購物App|@Rialto Rewards免費|APP試玩

All users start as a Bronze Members. From this level, you already have access to dozens of great deals and discounts. To redeem a deal, simply select a deal you would like to redeem and hit the redeem button. Next, simply show your screen to a sales assistant as you check out. That's it!

Get rewarded

玩購物App|@Rialto Rewards免費|APP試玩

Keep scanning QR codes to gain more points. Unlock silver and gold member status to access even greater deals and discounts!

Special Notes:

Dear @Rialto Portal users

玩購物App|@Rialto Rewards免費|APP試玩

This app is designed to work together with your @Rialto Portal account. Simply sign in with your @Rialto Portal account username and password. All your information, including points are already synced. That’s right, you can earn points by using the @Rialto Portal and use the app to redeem exclusive discounts at local stores!

Rialto Rewards Card

This app replaces the old Rialto Rewards Card program. All offers in that have been incorporated into this app.

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