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Control Yourself™, Contact Ringtones

Set Ringtones for Text, Phone, Email.

• Contact Ringtones gives you control of your ringtones. Easily set and manage the ringtones of any contact. When that contact texts, calls, or emails, you'll be notified. Very simple.

• Also set a Free-Form Alert. Specify a phrase; when a message is received containing that phrase, you'll be notified. Example: Set up an alert with the phrase "emergency" that plays a truck horn at full volume for 5 seconds.

玩生產應用App|Ringtone & Alert Manager免費|APP試玩

Here's how easy: To set up

• Contacts: Select a contact, press the Text, Phone, or Email Icon, set the ringtone.

• Free-Form: Enter a phrase, fields to match, set the ringtone.

To manage:

• All contacts with ringtones are shown on one screen, the Edit Tab. All free-form alerts are shown on one screen, the Free-Form Tab.

Are you in stealth mode? This app also gives you the ability to listen for email and texts from only the people you decide. To do this, turn off notifications from your email and text apps, and assign ringtones to only your most important contacts (Tip: set the Global Text Ringtone to "silent" so that you only hear assigned ringtones).

App Features

玩生產應用App|Ringtone & Alert Manager免費|APP試玩

• Text, phone, and email ringtones for any contact

• Free-form text and email ringtones using any phrase

•  Manage ringtones from one screen

玩生產應用App|Ringtone & Alert Manager免費|APP試玩

•  Reminders: set to have ringtones alert every 5 minutes until cleared

•  Use the widget to:

   • Easy access to Contact Ringtones

玩生產應用App|Ringtone & Alert Manager免費|APP試玩

   • Silence ringtones or set them to Low, Medium, or Hi

Ringtone options:

• Silent mode options: play except in silent mode, always silent or never silent

玩生產應用App|Ringtone & Alert Manager免費|APP試玩

• Play for 1 loop (start to end), or between 1 and 10 seconds

• Vibrate options: soft, normal, hard and vibrate only in vibrate mode

• Notification of each ringtone in the status bar

玩生產應用App|Ringtone & Alert Manager免費|APP試玩

• Notification light

• Individual volume for the ringtone or just leave at the system default

玩生產應用App|Ringtone & Alert Manager免費|APP試玩

Free-Form Alerts look in the Subject, Text Message Body, From, To, Cc and Bcc fields. It does not match any part of the email body.

玩生產應用App|Ringtone & Alert Manager免費|APP試玩

Privacy: Absolutely no data or information is saved or shared anywhere but on your phone. All passwords are encrypted. Communications with your email server are done exclusively through secure IMAP, which encrypts all data.

玩生產應用App|Ringtone & Alert Manager免費|APP試玩

Control Yourself™, Contact Ringtones

玩生產應用App|Ringtone & Alert Manager免費|APP試玩


玩生產應用App|Ringtone & Alert Manager免費|APP試玩

Read/Receive SMS/MMS/WAP & Vibrate – intercept (and pass along) in order to sound the ringtone

Read/Write Contacts – show contact list & set phone ringtone

Internet – Scan email for contacts

玩生產應用App|Ringtone & Alert Manager免費|APP試玩

Network State – Ensure we're connected before scanning email

Read/Write External Storage – Writes silent.mp3 (4 seconds of silence) to storage + write backups to storage

Get Tasks – Lets app show contact list without re-launching the main screen

玩生產應用App|Ringtone & Alert Manager免費|APP試玩

Wake Lock – Keeps the app running long enough to sound the ringtone

Boot Completed – Runs the server at boot in order to automatically process sms/mms and scan email

Billing – Allows in-app upgrade purchases

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