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Do you want a trip down memory lane? Then we got that trip right here!

This is a game styled after the Milton Bradley electronic game Simon Says, but wait for it.... yes it's on your phone and with more buttons... what's not to love?

Spend your time with some mindless fun following Rockimon through endless button combinations on a nine button launch-pad styled control panel.

During Alpha testing it was mentioned that though the Rockimon wants you to press endless button combinations was interesting for a time that it would be more interesting if there was a bonus for getting farther so wait for it…. We added two buttons. Now you can double your score or slow Rockimon down. Get in there and show Rockimon that he can’t keep you down.


Supports English

玩街機App|Rocket Fingers免費|APP試玩

Nine Buttons

Two extra buttons

The best art my partner has ever made ever

Cool sounds to let you know you can press a button and to tell you when times running out


J^2 Studio

玩街機App|Rocket Fingers免費|APP試玩

Give our game a shot it’s our first one.

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