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玩拼字App|Rocket Rising!免費|APP試玩

Rocket will fly and touch the screen.

Fly high so that it does not hit the obstacle.

Strengthen the rocket using the picked up coins! Let's go to the ends of the universe!

Easy and interesting game.


- Touch the screen -> fly

- Do not touch the screen -> does not fly

玩拼字App|Rocket Rising!免費|APP試玩

- There is an energy -> Fly

- Energy Out -> game over

- Take the coin -> increases coin

- Hit an obstacle -> game over

- To strengthen the tank with coins -> Increase the fuel

- To strengthen the radar in the coin -> Increase coins and items.


like nasa,space,rocket,runner game,indie game.


玩拼字App|Rocket Rising!免費|APP試玩

crater app kaihatsu man

music 魔王魂

玩拼字App|Rocket Rising!免費|APP試玩

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