Rolling cat LiveWallpaper06|不限時間玩個人化App

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玩個人化App|Rolling cat LiveWallpaper06免費|APP試玩

Live wallpaper of cute cats continue rolling across the screen.

The cuteness keep firmly grasp your heart like a cat.

玩個人化App|Rolling cat LiveWallpaper06免費|APP試玩

Live Wallpaper simple But you will probably want to be looking forever.

玩個人化App|Rolling cat LiveWallpaper06免費|APP試玩

Your heart will surely charm of this cat be healed.

You can set it to your favorite Live Wallpaper can be changed so the background color and the size of the cat.

玩個人化App|Rolling cat LiveWallpaper06免費|APP試玩

★You can set the background by selecting an image from the gallery.(*While only SD card is mounted)

玩個人化App|Rolling cat LiveWallpaper06免費|APP試玩

★You can choose the color of the background from eight colors.

★You can choose cat size.

玩個人化App|Rolling cat LiveWallpaper06免費|APP試玩

★When you touch your cat.The cat will roll to the other side at high speed.

玩個人化App|Rolling cat LiveWallpaper06免費|APP試玩

★It corresponds to a transverse home screen.

Setting: Home-> Press menu-> wallpapers-> Live Wallpapers

玩個人化App|Rolling cat LiveWallpaper06免費|APP試玩

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