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玩個人化App|Romantic Snow Wallpapers-01免費|APP試玩

snow...fills the fields we used to know

and the little park where we would go

lies far below in the snow's all over and you're gone

but the memory lives on

although our dreams lie buried

玩個人化App|Romantic Snow Wallpapers-01免費|APP試玩

in the snow

sometimes the wind blows

through the trees

and i think i hear you calling me

but all i see is snow

玩個人化App|Romantic Snow Wallpapers-01免費|APP試玩

everywhere i go

as the cold winter sun sinks low

i walk alone through the snow

----Application Features -----

★ Full HD images

★ Doesn't need Internet connection

玩個人化App|Romantic Snow Wallpapers-01免費|APP試玩

★ All wallpapers are resized for a perfect fit

★ Convenient mode of operation, touch screen navigation Mito

★ Support is set to dynamic wallpaper

★ Supports a variety of custom browser

★ Support SD card installed

玩個人化App|Romantic Snow Wallpapers-01免費|APP試玩

This application is free, very few ads will not affect the application, if you do not want to see the ads, please do not download and install, not to be so deliberately bad reviews!


玩個人化App|Romantic Snow Wallpapers-01免費|APP試玩

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